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The Term Oddball was used to describe the cars I had built for myself over the years, I never really conformed to any one style -little of this with some of that with emphasis on the flow and art in the design, pulling ideas from everywhere and anything. My first car was a 56 Bug -it was junk, but when you have no money and lust for freedom -you find a way, turns out I liked the build more than the open road. Over the years I was lucky to work for some really cool shops learning everything as I went till the day came when I could start my own.  
We've been building vehicles for over 20 years, having a shop in Canada means you need to be diverse, which means everyday is different -from 4x4's to Kit cars and everything between -hot rods, street rods, overland, motorhomes, traditional hot rods, exotics, muscle cars, lowriders and  of course motorcycles. We've had our hands in almost all genres and eras of cars, trucks and bikes. 


Metal Fabrication/Machine shop

We have diverse range of skills from Automotive Machinist to Mechanic and Artist and Designer.  There are many ways to solve a problem and having the equipment to make whatever we need is great -a lot of time the parts are not available for the vehicles we're working on. For instance we make a lot of custom disk brake kits for cars that don't have aftermarket support.  


One off construction

Everything is done in house, from planning to turn key -chassis fabrication, making body panels. Sometimes its a simple floor repair or if the vehicle is from Canada maybe everything from the door handles down.... 


Crazier the better

Challenging ideas are great! We've brought lots of Oddball ideas to reality -we don't restore cars here, but we can also rebuild cars from a pile of rust to help your restoration process.

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Louvers, lots of them

A staple of Hot Rodding and car customization, been around forever and are still super popular, whether you need a trunk lid, hood or panels -we offer different types for different situations

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More of the day to day stuff in the shop

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Random shop photos

We have 1000's of build photos etc, this seems like a good place to put them

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